The mission of the Kwakwaduam Association Inc, a non Profit Organisation, is to foster a close social,cultural, economic inter-relationships between its members, the community and to organise activities aimed at improving the quality of lives of the people living in Akropong in particular and Ghana in general.

Over the last ten years the Association were instrumental in the $30,000 water project for the Eastern Section of Akropong Akwapim, the $24,000 bore hole water project and the $5,000 Talking Calculator Project for the School for the Blind and numerous logistic supply for the Health Center at Akropong Akwapim including the provision of a Shuttle Bus. Future projects the Organisation envisages other than the Library includes Logistic supply for the Health Clinics at Okrakwadwo and Manfe in the Eastern region of Ghana.

The organization has been approved to partner with the Rotary Club to build a $20,000 Sanitation Toilet System in Akwapim Area in the near future. The Group has written a proposal to establish an After School Learning Center to help students of the Akwapim area improve test scores in order to enter Universities and Colleges for further education.

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